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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Seeking primary custody of your child may be best

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility. There also isn't any greater joy than seeing your child thrive and grow. Parents can seek primary custody of their child in both a physical and a legal sense. Being awarded primary custody can mean a variety of things affecting families today.

The importance of parenting plans for joint custody families

If you and your child's parent have decided to call it quits, there is a process associated with determining custody of that child, among other topics. Maybe you and your spouse have been living separately for awhile now and you want the child custody situation to be more defined. Whatever the motivation, Tampa family court can hand down a decision to a family's custody situation. Many parents decide that drafting a parenting plan is helpful is outlining the duties and responsibilities of both parties.

A review of Florida law on child custody parenting plans

Parenting is hard, even when both parents live together under the same roof. However, when Florida parents go through divorces or choose to separate, then making sure their kids are well cared for can become even more difficult. In Brandon County and throughout the rest of the state, parents execute parenting plans to organize how they will share the responsibilities of caring for their children.

What rights do I have if I have legal custody of my child?

Child custody can be shared between the kids' parents or it may be granted to only one of them. Custody is actually a term that can refer to two very different ways of exercising parental rights over one's offspring: through physical contact and control of the child or through legal power to help guide the child's upbringing. This post will focus on legal custody of a child.

What factors will be considered during a child custody hearing?

Not every child custody dispute will require the parties to go to court. In some cases, Florida parents may be able to work out custody schedules that both serve their expectations and meet their childrens' needs. However, when parents cannot find common ground regarding how they will share their kids, then they may need to turn to the courts for help.

Why is establishing paternity so important? - II

Last time, our blog began examining paternity, a family law topic of considerable importance for parents and children alike, as it vests the former with a number of rights, and the latter with similar rights plus the added psychological benefit of knowing the identity of their legal father.

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